Peer Counseling

Mother daughter readingWhen you call our office, our volunteers and staff furnish more than simply information.  We provide real support for both the practical and the personal elements of a crisis or transition, or for a time when the caregiver just can’t cope.  This peer counseling connects caregivers with people who’ve been through a similar Alzheimer’s diagnosis and caregiving experience.  They understand the challenges and worries. Our volunteers listen, talk, and offer confidential support.  They can relate to the situation and through experience can make recommendations about what to do next - doctors to see, facilities to investigate and support groups in their area.

Call us for assistance and to talk – (916) 483-2002 or (800) 540-3340.                                                               .

Volunteer opportunity:  Do you have experience as a caregiver and are ready to share and support other caregivers?   We always need volunteer to answer our phones and serve as peer counselors.  Are you that person?  See our Volunteer page for more information.