Legal Matters                              
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As Alzheimer's Disease progresses, there will come a point when your loved one should no longer be involved in financial and legal decisions.  These decisions must be completed before Alzheimer’s steals your loved one’s sound judgement.   Before that happens, your family has hard decisions to make and legal documents to prepare.  But what does it all mean?  The staff and legal volunteers at the Alzheimer’s Aid Society are here to help. 

First, review the third chapter in “A Practical Guide for Alzheimer's Caregivers”  on legal information.   This chapter covers health care directives, wills and trusts, Veteran’s Affairs Aid and Attendance Benefits, Medi-Cal benefits, and long term care for the elderly.

Second, call our office at (916) 483-2002 and request free legal guidance.  You will receive an appointment with Max Perry, JD, and Attorney Ric Duverney for a consultation.  Appointments are scheduled for the third Friday of each month.

Finally, follow through!  Don't wait until it is too late!