Hands raised
The motto of the Alzheimer’s Aid Society is “Supporting the caregiver.  Remembering the cared for.”  Many times, we do this through one-on-one contact with those that need us.  To achieve our mission we need volunteers who have walked in the caregiver’s shoes, who can answer phones and mail in the office, or who can gently direct activities for the cared for. 

Currently we seek volunteers to join our team as:
  • Caregiver Support Group leader:  As a leader of a Caregiver Support Group, you will facilitate the conversation to make sure each participant has an opportunity to share their concerns and challenges.  In response, caregivers will advise and console each other.  A support group leader should have some experience with being a caregiver to better understand the needs of the caregiver. 
    There is an immediate need for a Caregiver Support Group leader in Turlock, California.

  • Patient Support Group leader:  A leader of a Patient Support guides and monitors the loved ones whose caregivers are in a corresponding support group.  The leader will direct the participants in games, crafts, and other activities that encourage memories.  

  • Office Support:   Tasks for our office support include answering the phone; greet visitors when they enter; and assemble and mail information packets.  Do you have a professional, compassionate manner?  Work well with people?  Previous office experience is not required.  Our office is open Monday thru Thursday.  Office volunteers usually commit to four-hour shifts.

  • Social Media Coordinator:   In the world today, social media – Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. – is a necessity.  We are looking for someone to coordinate and prepare social media content to market the Alzheimer’s Aid Society.

  • Event Representative:   The Alzheimer’s Aid Society frequently participated in health fairs and other events hosted by other organizations related to elderly and medical services.  We are looking for individuals who can professionally represent the Society, provide information, and respond to questions about our services.  This position does require some physical tasks to set-up tables and chairs and moving boxes of printed materials.  Some events may take place in the late afternoon/early evening.

  • Library Coordinator:   Do you love to organize?  We have a lending library in our office which needs the gentle touch of someone who loves to organize.  We would like someone who can establish a simple system for checking out books and be able to follow-up with borrowers for overdue books.  The Library Coordinator will set their own hours within normal office hours. 

Are you ready to be part of our team? 
Call Sheryl Ashby at (916) 483-2002 or (800) 540-3340 to volunteer today!!