Who We Help
Couple looking up on grass
The Alzheimer’s Aid Society exists to support those affected by Alzheimer’s disease – the individuals who have the disease, their family, caregiver, and the community.  The effects of Alzheimer’s is felt by all, not just the ones who have it who slowly lose their memories.  Their family loses a past, present, and future with their loved one.  Their caregiver gives up their own  hobbies and interests as they care for their loved one.  And for the community there is the cost of medical care and the loss of the contributions to society of those directly affected by the disease.   

How we help:
  • Providing support groups, compassion, and education throughout the journey of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Encouraging and supporting research into causes, improved diagnosis, and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.  Supporting medical research and promote public awareness.

  • Advocating for the medical, social, psychological and financial needs of those with the disease, their families and caregivers.

  • Promoting public awareness to the needs.

View this video as Sheryl Ashby, President, and Max Perry, Development Director, talk with Dan Parker of The Sacramento Eldercare Channel  about our services.