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Our Mission

The Alzheimer’s Aid Society exists to provide support, education and compassion to patients and caregivers throughout the journey of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

The Alzheimer’s Aid Society began in 1981 in the living room of John and Bea Gorman. Bea had 5 family members that were diagnosed with early onset dementia and in her pursuit to find resources she found friends that were experiencing the disease with their loved ones and the first Sacramento area Alzheimer’s disease support group was started.

Bea and John established themselves in Sacramento with their support groups, resources and extensive literature on the disease. Bea authored a book Will I Be Next?, a well-received book offering practical advice to caregivers and families experiencing the disease.

The society has continued to offer services within the Sacramento Valley, providing families with a personalized approach to their concerns and connections alongside vetted resources to assist with the complexities that the diagnosis of dementia brings.

Founders John and Bea Gorman

News & Events

Alzheimer’s Aid Society 21st Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Providing direct care to anyone with memory impairment is impactful physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Our goal at the Aid Society is provide tools to the caregiver in all stages of the journey.





We Thank our 2023 Title Sponsor for our 20th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Thank You to our 2023 golf tournament sponsors!